Family Activities

Your trip to Lakewood Camps will be the ultimate family-friendly vacation experience!

Spending time together in the great outdoors lets you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life (and digital distractions!) while you reconnect with and focus on those who are most important to you.

Get Paddling

Your stay includes free rentals of our canoes & kayaks (and of course, life jackets), so it’s an awesome way to explore nature or get in some extra fishing time.

Enjoy Seeing Wildlife

From moose to deer to birds, our region is home to some of the most gorgeous animals in the northeast.

Blaze a Trail

Go for a short walk or a day-long hike. We offer you easy access to beginner trails for families, and hills and mountains for the more experienced (or more ambitious) hikers.

Take a Dip

The whole family will love jumping off the dock to swim & playing in the sand, either all day long or after a full day of fishing.

Hiking Locations

We are surrounded by many hills and mountain regions, giving you a variety of paths and views to choose from. These include the Carry Ridge, Metallak Mountain, Black Cat Mountain, Moose Mountain, South Mountain and Johnson Mountain. All locations offer hikes nearby the Lower Richardson Lake, providing breathtaking views of the lake from their peaks. Try one, or try them all!

Fun for Kids

While there’s plenty to do on the property, here are a few ideas to help your kids have a memorable time:

Bring a nature journal

This can be as simple as a spiral notebook, but giving your kids something to record their trip will give them a valuable souvenir to look back on for years. Younger children might enjoy drawing pictures of the wildlife or plants they see. Older children may like to record their daily activities, the size of the fish they caught, or how far they hiked.

Pick a favorite spot

Generations of families have made Lakewood Camps part of their traditions. Pick a spot on the property to take a picture as a family each year that you come, and enjoy watching everyone grow and change from year to year!

Create a scavenger hunt

Before you arrive, make list together of some of the things you hope to see during your trip (such as wildlife or birds) and see how many of each you can find.

Put the kids in charge

Letting the kids pick your family activities (from a list that you give them) at a few points during your trip will help them feel more involved — and give them a confidence boost!

Benefits to Families

Camping and outdoor adventures are ideal for families. You’ll build stronger bonds as you make memories, reap the benefits of fresh air, and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature. Kids also get the chance to learn new skills (like canoeing) and how to be patient (like waiting to catch a fish).

Ready to plan your ultimate family vacation? Get started here.